Install Alternative PHP Cache (APC) with Parallels Power Panel

If you are interested on increasing your web pages speed and loading time, you might of considered including some kind of caching mechanism on it. For example the w3 cache plugin on wordpress. Now, if you poke around a little bit more in its options, you have noised some advanced options for dedicated or virtual servers. So, if you have access to administrative panel as Parallels you can enable and test some of these features without a sweat. You can do it in command line cause (command line is king!) buuut I think it’s a little extra bother just to see the performances of the server, and also there is more chance to get something wrong.
Now to begin:

1. Login to you Power panel and go to Software Packages->Install New Package

2. Search and select php-apc and click Install

3. Reboot the virtual server for changes to take an effect

4. There you go! Now go to WordPress->W3 Cache panel and you should have the option to choose  Alternative PHP Cache (APC)

Now you can compare performance with Disk or APC and see which one suits you better.



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